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A message from Ian Carney, founder of Cylinder Head Specialist Inc.

I have been porting and polishing automotive cylinder heads for 10 years now and was taught by the best. I have received knowledge from cylinder head experts through the years. One man who I learned from holds a NHRA super stock national record. I spent a tremendous amount of time learning the art of cylinder head porting and polishing from him. You will see significant amounts of horsepower gained with my porting and polishing services. I can flowbench your cylinder heads to see how many cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air they flow after I port and polish them. It is useful for knowing how well your heads will perform. There is also lots of power to be found in a racing valve job. Check out my service section and see what I can do for you.

Definition of Head Porting and Polishing

Head porting and polishing is an art which takes patience, knowledge and know how to accomplish. A cylinder head is an object which is one main part on an automotive engine. It supplies the engines airflow/fuel mixture into the engines combustion chamber and cylinders were the power is then made. The more air and fuel the engine receives, in return the engine makes more power. Porting and polishing of the cylinder heads intake and exhaust runners (the tunnels inside the cylinder head which contain the majority of area to be ported), bowl area (the section under the valve seat at the end of the intake runner and at the beginning of the exhaust runner), short turn area (the turn at the end of the intake runner were it meets the bowl and valve seat and visa versa with the exhaust side) and combustion chamber (The area were the air and fuel are swirled together, the air and fuel is compressed, then a burn takes place there as well) are the main keys in cylinder head power. A factory cylinder head off a common engine is cast, cleaned, assembled with valves, springs, seals and locks then is assembled onto the automobiles engine. I take the factory or high performance "Hop Up" head and port and polish it for maximum power. A gasoline engine is just like an air pump in a way that it takes air in and sends air out. The more (CFM) air/fuel mixture you can squeeze into the engine, the more power it will make. This is one of the many ways to make big power out of the automotive/gasoline engine.

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