List of Services
Cylinder Head Port & Polish
Racing Valve Job
Upgrade valvesprings & or retainers
Bowl blend
Flow Bench Test
Intake & exhaust valve modifications

Cylinder Head Port & Polish
Porting and polishing of the cylinder heads intake and exhaust runners, bowl area, short turn area and combustion chamber are the main keys in cylinder head power. A factory cylinder head off a common engine is cast, cleaned, assembled with valves, springs, seals and locks then is assembled onto the automobiles engine. I take the factory or high performance "Hop Up" head and port and polish it for maximum power.

Racing Valve Job
A valve job consists of boiling (cleaning) the head(s),checking the valve guides to see if they are good or need to be replaced. Replace guides if necessary then the valve seats which are part of the valve seat ring are cut on a 3 angle or radius (radius is usually done on the exhaust seat). The valves are then glass beaded and cut on the proper angle accordingly. The heads main mating surface is then checked and a clean mill is taken if necessary. After getting a valve job and/or a porting and polishing job, the heads are then cleaned again for final assembly. The heads are then assembled with the stock valves or aftermarket valves of your liking, stock or aftermarket valve springs, new seals and your locks and retainers which may be replaced to your requirements. Also included is checking each installed height of spring and tension of each valve spring. Going back to the flow bench results this is were they come in handy. Knowing were your heads flow It will help you pick out your camshaft and valve springs. Increasing CFM throughout the heads entire range of lift is more important than a max flow number. For instance a head that may flow 325 CFM at .650" lift which being its most flowing area, may under perform a head that flows 25CFM less at .650" lift but has a higher average CFM through out the entire range being .000" to .650".

Pricing Chart for Services
Bowl blend
Port & polish
Racing valve job
4cyl. alum. head
6 cyl. alum. head
8 cyl. Small Block
alum. head
8 cyl. Big Block
alum. head
8 cyl. Small Block cast iron heads
8 cyl. Big Block cast iron heads
Flow Bench Test results - $65
Call for pricing on competion race valve job (includes cut 3 angle seat, check & or replace valve guides and seals, mill deck surface.
Call for larger intake & exhaust valve modifications
All taxes are included in the price for all services
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Shipping Instructions:

All shipping charges are paid for by the customer.
Remove all parts attached to the core that you wish to retain.
Enclose core in plastic garbage bag.
Wrap the core tightly in cardboard and secure with tape.
Place wrapped core in strong cardboard box. (Do not pack 2 cast iron V8 heads in a single box.)
Pack cardboard or tightly crumpled newspaper to effectively immobilize the core within the box. It is very important that the core cannot shift within the box, otherwise it will tear thru. DO NOT use Styrofoam packing material or shredded paper!
Insert a with package your name, address, telephone number and email address.
Tape box securely with packing tape.
Insure for full replacement value.
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**For any service cost $800 or more all shipping costs will be paid for by Cylinder Head Specialist Inc.**

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